– Win $10 Gift Card – Nike Survey – Hello and welcome to, the place to go if you want to share your Nike purchasing experiences through a simple, easy-to-use poll.

Take Nike Survey

Take Nike Survey

Nike is able to better serve you in-store and online by using this platform to simply collect your invaluable input. Whether you purchased from us online or in person, we value your opinions, and you can share them with us at

If you participate in our survey, you could be able to win amazing rewards, such as discounts on future purchases. Your valuable input will also help Nike improve even more.

To better understand what you love and where we might make improvements, please take a few minutes to complete our short and easy survey. The secret code that is displayed on your receipt should be entered first.

We value your privacy and assure you that your responses will be used appropriately. Take advantage of the advantages of becoming a part of our community, explore, and contribute to the future of your favorite Nike products and shopping experience. For your next trip to Nike, start here!

Take Nike Survey

Take Nike Survey Survey Rules and Requirements

  • The MyNikeVisit-na survey requires participants to be a specific age, usually 13 years old or older. Depending on local regulations about the collection of data from children, the minimum age may change.
  • Legal US citizens can normally participate in the survey, but people of other nations may be eligible as well, based on Nike’s worldwide survey policies.
  • Usually, in order to access the survey invitation instructions and, occasionally, a special code needed to complete the questionnaire, a legitimate receipt from a recent purchase made at a Nike shop is needed.
  • Participants must possess a basic comprehension of one of the following languages in order to complete the survey, since it may be offered in English, Spanish, French, and Chinese.
  • Most survey receipts have an expiration date on them, so you have to fill it out within a specific amount of time following the purchase (for example, within seven days).
  • Use of the award may be restricted in some way. The discount obtained, for instance, can have time constraints (e.g., 60 days after completing the survey) and be ineligible to be combined with other promotional offers.
  • It is usually not possible to exchange rewards for cash or any other kind of payment.
  • Every completed survey requires a new receipt, and participants are typically only allowed one survey entry per receipt.
  • Participants in the poll are normally not allowed to be employees of Nike, Inc., its affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising and promotion agencies, or their families.
  • Based on their experiences purchasing, participants should offer frank feedback. In general, survey policies forbid false information, which can also affect data.
  • To obtain their prize, participants may be required to submit specific personal information (email address and name). To guarantee the delivery of the discount or offer, this information must be correct.

Take Nike Survey

Take Nike Survey

How to Take the Nike Survey?

  • Usually, you have to make a purchase from a Nike store in order to complete the questionnaire. To participate in the survey, you will need to provide certain information, therefore save the receipt.
  • Visit the official Nike survey website at If the website address appears different from the one above or has a link customized for your country, please consult your receipt for the exact location.
  • Decide if you wish to finish the survey in that language. Most people choose Chinese, English, Spanish, and French.
  • In the appropriate field, you must enter the survey code that you may find on your receipt. There’s usually a unique code for each visit and receipt.
  • The poll ought to start after you’ve input the correct code. Questions on your recent visit to a Nike shop will be asked of you.
  • Considering your most recent encounter at the store, honestly answer each question. Subjects to inquire about could be things like the product quality, personnel friendliness, and store cleanliness.
  • Following your completion of the questions, you will probably be prompted to enter your name and email address in order to get your prize. Please confirm the accuracy of this information. After that, send the survey in.
  • You should be rewarded for finishing and submitting your survey; this is usually in the form of a voucher or discount code for your subsequent purchases. To redeem it, adhere to the given instructions. Don’t forget to include any expiry dates.

Take Nike Survey

Take Nike Survey

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For Nike and its customers alike, the MyNikeVisit-na platform is immensely beneficial. An international brand with a large following, Nike is working hard to adapt its products and services to the needs and tastes of its customers.

By taking part in the survey at, customers can express their opinions directly, share their experiences both in-store and online, and perhaps win rewards like discounts on future purchases.

Nike places a lot of importance on the feedback received. It provides true, useful insights that could impact everything from store environment, customer service, and product design to operational efficiency.

Consequently, this feedback loop for customers is a crucial component of Nike’s wider marketing strategy as well as a tool for gauging client satisfaction. Survey of FAQ

  • Question – How does one go about completing the survey?

Answer – To participate, you must make a purchase at a Nike store that is participating and keep your receipt. Visit the survey website ( or a similarly named URL as mentioned on your receipt) and complete the questions after choosing your preferred language and entering the unique survey code from your receipt.

  • Question – Does the survey have a deadline?

Answer – Yes, you have to complete the survey within a certain time frame after the purchase date—usually within seven days. Usually, the exact time is printed on the receipt.

  • Question – How is my privacy protected if I participate?

Answer – Nike should provide you with a privacy policy explaining how your personal data is collected, used, and protected when you participate in the survey. Before sending in any personal data, thoroughly read our policy.

  • Question – What is the purpose of the Survey?

Answer – Nike uses a poll called MyNikeVisit-na to gather feedback from its customers. Its goal is to help Nike stores understand how their customers engage with them so they can improve the quality of their products, their customer service, and the whole shopping experience.

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